HOW TO: LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn profiles are basically a quick, public resume that allows people to discover and connect with you. As the professional social network with the most leverage, it’s crucial for young women to create accounts early in their careers and expand their reach.

LinkedIn guides you through the appropriate steps of choosing a headshot, filling out experience and education, and adding extra information (such as interests, groups, and an objective). Let’s walk through the process.


Choose a photo of you from the shoulders up that captures you in a clean, bright light. You want to dress in at least business casual attire, be against a plain background, and look reliable.


Oftentimes, alumni and fellow students connect with you on LinkedIn solely because of the mutual bond over your alma mater. Update your educational institutions, academic majors, GPA, and groups that you were involved with.


LinkedIn helps you list your experience chronologically. Be sure to be describe your work as you would on a resume, with strong verbs and quantifiers that measure your impact.


This is the short summary that appears below your headshot, and is optional. Some use it to describe the latest project they’re working on, while others use it to give a more personable introduction to themselves. Whatever function you’d like it to serve, keep it brief and easily digestible.


Recruiters and headhunters can find you on LinkedIn, and you should also make use of the network by scouting jobs you’re interested in and the people who work at these organizations. Doing your research on people you’d like to speak with makes it easier to find an initial connection to write a cold email with.

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