HOW TO: Create a Personal Website

A personal website can be a great tool to develop your personal brand and help employers learn more about you. Here are some resources to help get you started.


Companies such as Squarespace, Wix, and Google Sites, provide resources and easy tools to build your site.

What to Include?

1. An Elevator Pitch

It’s important for your visitors to quickly learn more about you in a condensed fashion. An elevator pitch is a great way for your audience to learn about what your experience, passions, and aspirations. Keep it short but informative!

2. Portfolio

If you’re a designer, engineer, or in any field where you can show off your work, make sure to include your best work to display on your site. Employers can see your skills in action!

3. Links

Depending on how professionally oriented you want your site to be, you can include links to other sites such as linkedin or twitter for viewers to explore.

4. Photos

Images related to your work can help make your website stand out and keep the viewer engaged.

5. Contact Me

If employers are interested, make sure to include ways for them to contact you! Some sites have tools to help you make an email form!

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