ADVICE: Technical Phone Interview

If you have the opportunity to do a phone interview that means you have already made it past at least one level of the interview process. The phone interview is typically used to see if a candidate is a good fit for the company, and for you to showcase your enthusiasm and non-technical skills.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind going into your phone interview:

* Demonstrate enthusiasm and passion about the company

o The interviewer is looking for passion. If you are honest about what you want to work on and what you are excited about it will show.

* When possible, try to give concrete examples or stories

o Rather than explaining what you would do, it is always better if you can reference a specific incident where your actions demonstrate the value that the company is looking for (ex. Communication skills, collaboration, bouncing back from mistakes).

* Do your research

o Do prior research about the company to see their latest work and additions. This can serve as a talking point to show that you have already demonstrated interest and curiosity about the specific company

* Ask questions

o At the end of the interview there is often time allocated for your interviewer to answer any questions that you may have. Come prepared with a list of several questions to ask so that they know you have prepared for the interview and have been thinking about the position.