Job Search Resource Guide - All you need to know


So you’re looking for a job. More specifically, you are looking for a job and have no idea where to start. Have no fear - this resource guide is here to help, and will equip you with web platforms to score any job you want in the business space.


Specific Companies

  1. Company Website -- You may be surprised by how much rich information you can find just by rifling through a company’s website. And no, don’t just look at the first page - dig through to learn about company values, missions and also backgrounds of different employees at the company. Who knows, you may have something in common with them that helps with an email intro!

  2. Glassdoor - As its name suggests, Glassdoor provides a great “behind the scenes” look at the day-to-day life of the company. Usually includes comments about quality of work, and ratings of team dynamic and overall work-life balance. A great place to check out if you are curious about company cultures and compensation. (Would recommend consulting this once you have decided you are very interested in a specific company).

Specific Industries

  1. Tech

    1. Crunchbase - an awesome resource to look up any tech company or venture firm, a company’s funding amounts and from who, and a brief synopsis of what the company does. Helpful way to get a large overview of the company and understand how big it is (both in terms of employees and funding).

    2. Angellist - a job posting board for tech jobs, ranging in size from large to small. To fully interact with the platform, you need to make a free account, listing your qualifications, past work experiences and job interests. Cool “matching” systems where you can like jobs and companies and jobs can also express interest in you. Keep in mind these are usually smaller startups on the platform.

    3. Techcrunch -- A tech news source useful for knowing the most recent developments regarding a specific company or industry. Helpful to look at immediately prior to interviews.

  2. Finance

    1. Wall Street Oasis - A finance forum that likely has a discussion thread for every question you could have about a specific finance firm or specific finance interview. The best use case for this platform is to learn more about differentiates finance firms from one another and learning about specific interview questions for different finance companies.

  3. Consulting

    1. Victor Cheng Case Interview - While there are a ton of consulting interview prep books, websites and videos out there, I’d argue that Victor Cheng’s website is one of the most easily accessible and comprehensive. Watch a few or all of his videos to polish your consulting prep and practice cases prior to interviews.

No idea?

No problem! Take a look at these broader resources to get started.

  1. Handshake - if you are at a college or university using the Handshake platform, hundreds of thousands of jobs will be posted, filterable by everything from location to industry and job type. Play around with a few filters read job descriptions, and see if you meet qualifications. Unlike WayUp or Indeed, you apply directly through Handshake and your applications are synced with your university--logging in with your .edu email address.

  2. WayUp --More personalization than Indeed but a more diverse array of jobs than Handshake. Requires you to create an account to browse and filter through jobs.

  3. Indeed -- If you are looking for an even more diverse array of opportunities, Indeed has a plethora of options filterable by every category from location to ratings and reviews. If you want to see everything that is out there, Indeed is the place to go.

Remember, internships in college are “taste tests” for your future career. Do not be afraid of trying something new, and also do not constrain yourself to thinking that there is only one “right” internship or path to take you through college. Best of luck!

By Grace Isford

Swib University