HOW TO: Be a Successful Intern

Congrats on getting an internship! Now that you have the position, you want to make sure that you leave the best impression on your supervisor and co-workers. Here are some easy tips and tricks for how you can be a successful intern.

1. Always be on time.

This is easy - don’t be late! If you are running late, make sure to let someone on your team know.

2. Ask questions, but don’t ask the same question twice.

Asking questions shows that you are engaged and want to learn more. However, asking the same question more than once will show that you weren’t listening the first time.

3. Bring a journal/notepad to every meeting that you attend.

Take notes at every meeting! Then, if someone on your team asks about what was discussed in the meeting, you will be able to tell them exactly what happened.

4. Go above and beyond.

In each internship, “above and beyond” will be something different. This could mean staying at work late to finish an important project or emailing important news stories that might be relevant to your job.

5. Never leave before asking your supervisor if there is anything else you can help with.

It is always best practice to communicate with your supervisor to make sure there is no extra work to complete. Usually, they will say no, but it is always good to check!

6. Write down questions you have, and ask your manager if there is a good time for you to go over those questions.

Asking questions shows your manager that you are engaged and want to learn more. By asking for some time on your manager’s calendar, you will have a guaranteed slot to sit down with your manager.

7. Ask for feedback.

As mentioned in this article, feedback is “invaluable career tool in your journey to success.”

8. Find a mentor.

You will be surrounded with plenty of inspiring co-workers. Ask one to grab coffee - I am sure they will say yes!

9. Reflect on the big and small things that you do every day.

By consciously reflecting on the activities that you participate in every day, you will be able to see how your thoughts and ideas changed over the course of the internship. You will also be able to see all that you learned over the course of your internship!

10. Grab coffee.

Having an internship is always a great way to see a different part of a city, and asking your co-workers to grab coffee is a great way to take a break and learn about someone new.

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