The Importance of Thank You Notes

Over the years, I’ve found thank you emails one of the most useful ways to get to know/ keep in contact with someone who I’ve only met once. Just writing a short little message recapping on what you discussed with the other person and thanking them for their time has gotten me invited to interesting trips, introduced to really interesting people, and connected to job opportunities. One short email can do a lot and this is definitely something that people don’t usually think about so you standout if you do it.

As humans, we love being appreciated and knowing that people found our advice helpful so people love receiving thank you emails. Writing a thank you email is especially useful after an interview because it helps your interviewer remember you and recap what was discussed during your interview.

These is a templates I use for different occasions.

Dear [name],

Thank you very much for making time to meet with/ speak with me today! I really loved learning more about [company] from you, and in particular, hearing about your experiences with [opportunities mentioned]. These opportunities really resonate with my personal desire to [something about yourself]; I see [company] as a place where I would have the resources and community support to expand on my understanding of [the field] and learn more about the world.

Our conversation about [specific program] has made me even more excited about the possibility of working at [company].

Thank you again so much for all of your time and please let me know if there is more information I can provide.

Best wishes,


You can adapt these to your own style and writing. Next time you had a great coffee chat, or an interview, or a great class with a great professor, you should send a thank you email or write a card!